High-performance USB Type-C connectors set new market standards

Global Connector Technology (GCT) has introduced a range of high-performance USB Type-C connectors that sets new market standards in design flexibility, transfer speed, power and usability. Designed for mobile and smart devices, the USB Type-C connector is ready for next gen applications delivering speeds up to 10Gb/s for data transfer, audio and video connectivity, supporting HDMi, DisplayPort and VGA.


The connector also supports USB Power Delivery standards of charging capability, with rapid charging up to 100W.


Together with these capabilities comes easier usability: the new reversible plug design allows the cable to be plugged upside down making it a more user-friendly interface solution for consumers.


GCT’s range of five products includes both horizontal and vertical USB type C receptacles. Horizontal receptacles are available in a hybrid of thru hole and SMT, allowing superior co-planarity and facility for inspection after processing. Top mount, mid mount versions are available in short and long body types.


GCT’s drawn metal shell design for horizontal parts provides superior Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding compared to stamped sheet metal housings. The enhanced mechanical strength of the shell structure also makes GCT’s USB Type-C connectors suitable for the automotive, industrial, medical and instrumentation markets.


Commenting on the launch, GCT Marketing Manager Laurence Hill said, “GCT’s new line of USB Type-C connectors offers significant performance advancement over previous USB standards, providing faster data rates, higher power, and A/V connectivity in one interface, as well as offering more design flexibility for engineers designing the next generation of electronics products.”



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