High performance digital oscilloscopes from Telonics

These oscilloscopes have been designed to be simple to use and have two channels with either 50 or 100MHz bandwidth, depending on the model. The large 142mm and 64 TFT LCD screen enables easy viewing of the waveform displays. Multiple trigger types include edge, pulse width, video, slope, alternate and duration with a unique adjustable trigger sensitivity to meet different requirements. The DS1000E range is able to measure 20 types of wave parameters and track measurements via the cursor automatically with waveform record and replay. They also features a pass / fail detection function to enable output testing results and standard configuration interface like USB device and host, RS-232 and support U disk storage with support for remote command control.

Utilising the latest state of the art electronics they measure 303 x 154 x 133mm and weigh 2.3kg making them easily transportable and making them suitable for Education, Research and training with their ability for electronic circuit and circuit functional testing with logical relation evaluation between signals.


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