High Performance ARINC 801 Fibre Optic Connectors by TE Connectivity – now available from Aerco

TE Connectivity’s MC801 family of fibre optic connectors combine the high performance of ARINC 801 optical termini with the versatility, familiarity and proven pedigree of MIL-DTL-38999 series III style connectors. Designed for survivability, the ruggedized connector’s threaded coupling and the optical termini’s spring-loaded design make an excellent solution for the high-vibration harsh environments found in aerospace and military applications.

Available as plugs, square flange receptacles and jam nut receptacles, the MC801 is intermateable with competitive ARINC 801/38999 connectors and compatible with standard 38999 back-shells and hardware. The connector features scoop-proof mating, six keying options and supports eight shell sizes, with a range of shell materials and plating finishes available to meet various application demands. The contact’s compact 1.25mm Zirconia ceramic ferrule provides a high-density solution, which allows up to 32 optical termini to be accommodated in a size 25 shell.

The genderless pull-proof design of the ARINC 801 physical contact optical termini supports multimode and single mode fibres and is compatible with tight jacket and loose tube cable construction. End face geometries are available with either UPC or APC polishes. Stainless steel spring-loaded termini help maintain optical contact during shock, vibration, and thermal extremes. Precise alignment of the optical interface is achieved with thermoplastic inserts containing precision Zirconia alignment sleeves, which are removable to facilitate easy inspection and to simplify cleaning. Optical alignment during mating is further aided with the addition of stainless steel dowel guide pins. The optical contacts are field terminable with the use of standard size 16 insertion/extraction tools.

With insertion losses of 0.10 dB for multimode and 0.20 dB for single mode (APC finish) and return losses up to -65 dB (single mode, APC finish), the MC801 provides optimal optical performance. Standard operating temperature range is -65°C to +85°C and durability is 100 mating cycles.

Target key markets are military and aerospace.


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