High efficiency 500 W GaN on SiC HEMT pulsed power transistor targets avionics applications

M/A-COM Technology Solutions (MACOM), a supplier of high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, has announced a new GaN on SiC HEMT Power Transistor for L-Band pulsed radar applications. The MAGX-000912-500L00 provides 500 W of output power with 19.8 dB of gain and 60% efficiency.

The MAGX-000912-500L00 is a gold-metalized matched GaN on SiC RF power transistor that has been optimised for pulsed avionics and radar applications. The device also boasts very high breakdown voltages, which allows for reliable and stable operation at more extreme load mismatch conditions.

The device has been designed for broadband Avionics applications in the 960-1215 MHz range such as Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) and Datalinks. The device is assembled using state of the art design and packaging assembly, and is offered in both Flange and Flangeless Ceramic Packages.

“The 500 W transistor offers efficiency and ruggedness by using 50 V GaN technology in combination with MACOM’s high power design and assembly techniques,” said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. “The device is an ideal candidate for customers looking to upgrade Avionics systems which require increased functionality and flexibility without sacrificing power, efficiency or size”.

Operating between the 960 MHz – 1215 MHz Frequency range, the MAGX-000912-500L00 is a highly robust transistor, boasting a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 600 years, and is available in a flanged and flangeless packages.



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