Hi Temp Polyimide Sockets

E-tec introduce any shape, any pattern, any pin count custom hi temp sockets – customers can build their own turned pin socket and E-tec will produce the parts in days with no tooling costs ( unless a new brass terminal design is required ) and at a price comparable to conventional turned pin sockets.

Sockets and adaptors are produced in FR4 or hi temp polyimide for applications requiring elevated operating temperatures up to 300 degrees C.  Sockets can also be produced in MT40 and Rogers material for special applications.

E-tec offer a wide range of sockets including circular, rectangular, single, double, triple strips etc. on any pitch. Elevated sockets used for example with LED displays can be produced by incorporating a raised turned pin terminal. Applications for hi temp sockets are found in the Oil and Gas industry, Aerospace and Defence, Industrial and Instrumentation, Sensors, Medical, Automotive and Transport. Enquiries are invited – send a simple sketch to info@e-tec.co.uk we will be pleased to offer a quotation.

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