Heliatek cooperates with Engie on its Harmony advertising campaign

Engie, the French energy group, recently launched the international advertising campaign ‘Engie Harmony’. The campaign’s first project is called ‘Solar Graffiti’ and features an installation on a sports field near Mexico City that combines the graffiti art of the local Street Artists N3O with Heliatek‘s solar films to power innovative and sustainable lighting. The project ‘Solar Graffiti’ and the resulting commercial are among the flagship projects of the Engie Harmony campaign and symbolise how technical progress can be realised in harmony with man and nature.

‘Solar Graffiti’ is a technological and social project where the ‘Gomez Farias’ sports ground is being revived and is improving the lives of local people with 100 per cent green lighting. With the energy that is gained and stored during the day through the solar films, the sports field can be illuminated in the evening and brings a more sociable atmosphere to this neighbourhood. The inhabitants rediscover a place that was otherwise abandoned at nightfall.

A total of 111 films of HeliaSol were installed both on the wall elements and above in wave forms. HeliaSol is Heliatek’s ready-to-use solar product solution that can be easily applied to flat and curved surfaces and stands out from conventional photovoltaic technology for its flexibility and light weight (1 kg/m²).

Thibaud Le Séguillon, Heliatek CEO said: “We are very proud to work with Engie on such an iconic campaign. Our HeliaSol, organic solar films, are a perfect fit for this urban installation. Together we bring decentralised, decarbonised power generation to the city centres.”

Etienne Lerch, ENGIE Laborelec, Centre of Research and Development ENGIE commented: “This project is a great premiere. The approach is unique and bold, because it brings a whole new technology together with the work of a street artist. A real solar art work, consisting of the organic solar films of Heliatek and enchanting art. Lightweight, flexible and easy to install, the solar films literally blend in with this art landscape to provide their residents with a lasting, powerful and therefore useful solution. And it’s very exciting to immediately see the benefits for the neighborhood’s residents.”

Engie Harmony campaign

Convinced that harmonious progress is possible, ENGIE has decided to showcase its activities under the banner #ENGIEHarmonyProject. “We contribute to harmonious progress” is the main message of the campaign and describes exemplary actions and cooperation projects that deal with the energy transition, highlighting the positive impact on the environment and society. Engie´s aim is to work together to develop efficient, sustainable and low-carbon solutions that transform homes, buildings and cities into intelligent ecosystems.

Engie X Heliatek

Since 2016, ENGIE has been an investor in the German company Heliatek and holds around eight per cent of the capital. As a manufacturer of large-area organic solar films, Heliatek focuses on B2B applications in the area of building-integrated photovoltaics. With the solar films HeliaFilm and HeliaSol, buildings can generate truly green energy. With approximately 20 grams of CO2per kilowatt-hour, this technology provides the lowest carbon footprint of all energy generation types. The extra thin and lightweight solar films can either be applied directly to facades or roofs or integrated into building materials without the need for additional cooling or ventilation systems.

Commercial Solar Graffiti



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