HBM jump on board Touareg for world record attempt

HBM is delighted to be on board the Volkswagen Touareg vehicle, which is being used for the latest Cape-to-Cape 2.0 world record driving attempt of Africa to Europe in ten days.

Following two successful world-setting drives, Rainer Zietlow and his team will once again attempt a new world record of driving from South Africa to North Cape in Norway – a route of more than 106,000 miles, which will lead them through 21 countries.

The SomatXR data recorder from HBM, which is built into the Volkswagen Touareg for the Cape-to-Cape challenge, will record measured quantities, such as temperature and acceleration and data from different HBM strain gauges installed at various points on the axel and wheels.  This measurement setup will provide technicians on the Cape-to-Cape 2.0 team valuable access to information about material stress and loading on critical components.

Suitable for the demands of the tour, the rugged SomatXR data recorder offers reliable recording of measured data, under extreme conditions, such as very low and very high temperatures, shocks and vibrations. 

Finn Lange, Product Manager at HBM, explains: “The SomatXR can play fully to its strengths in the Cape-to-Cape 2.0 car. The system is ultra-rugged and if necessary, measurement data can be read from any point on earth with internet access.”

“Team Zietlow” completed the trip in the opposite direction last year, from north to south, making it from Cape to Cape in 21 days – including an extended repair stop following an accident.  This year, the goal is to beat that record with Cape-to-Cape 2.0.


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