Harwin launches new Pogo Pin contacts and new range of SMT contact pads at EDS 2016

Spring-loaded pins suit multiple applications including wearables; new gold finish S70 SMT contact pads prolong device life

Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, is launching a new range of surface-mount vertical Pogo Pin spring contacts at the Electronic Design Show in Coventry.  Pogo Pin connectors have multiple applications, including wearable medical and fitness devices, mobile phones, car stereos, and notebook and tablet computers.   Also being launched at the show are Harwin’s new range of multi-purpose S70 Surface Mount flat contact pads which can be used with the new Pogo Pin contacts, as well as other spring contacts and spring contact assemblies.

Harwin Pogo Pins are surface mountable vertical spring-loaded contact pins which can mate with any surface. Featuring rounded contact heads with a gold finish which maximises device life, they have a free height from 2.4mm to 8.2mm and are also available as a selection of multi-contact connectors in 2, 3, 4 or 5 contact configurations and as individual pins in two barrel sizes, 1.03mm diameter or 1.50mm diameter. The range includes Pogo Pin spring contacts with a through-hole peg which can be used for Plated-Through-Hole soldering or as a location peg on the SMT base.  The individual Pogo Pins have barbs for retention in mouldings, which enables multiple contacts to be “ganged” together, enabling customers to create bespoke layouts.

For use as a mating surface for vertical or horizontal spring contacts, spring-loaded contacts and spring-loaded contact assemblies, Harwin’s new circular, oval or rectangular S70 SMT Contact Pads feature a gold finish for maximum wear resistance, prolonging application product life.  The new S70 SMT Contact Pads boast a very low profile to save valuable space, making them ideal for today’s smaller, lighter devices. The rectangular S70 SMT pads are available in three sizes: 2.5mm x 1.6mm x 0.15mm thick; 3.8mm x 1.8mm x 0.1mm thick; and 3.8mm x 3.0mm x 0.5 thick.  Oval or obround shape S70 SMT pads are 2mm long, with a diameter of 1mm at the ends, with a choice of 0.1mm thickness or 0.2 mm thickness.  The circular flat contact pads are available in one size only, 3.2mm diameter, and are 0.2mm thick. Harwin SMT contact pads are supplied on tape & reel for automated assembly, with between 2,000 and 5,000 pieces per reel depending on design.


About Harwin

Interconnect component manufacturer, Harwin, is known for innovation, automation, service and reliability. Having invented the Datamate 2mm pitch hi-rel connector family 25 years ago, the company has continued to develop this and other product families targeting applications where the connector ‘must not fail’. Relied upon by defence, aerospace, space, industrial, oil & gas, motorsport and other demanding industries, Harwin’s portfolio of hi-rel interconnect solutions now also includes Mix-Tek mixed technology (signal, power, coax) styles, Gecko 1.25mm pitch products and high temperature M300 parts. The company’s full product range – which also features RFI & PCB Hardware and an extensive range of industry standard connectors – is available on short lead times through major distribution channels. Harwin’s direct sales and service extends worldwide via offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, the USA, Germany, France and Singapore. 

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