Harwin adds more shielding options for Gecko Hi-Rel connectors

Harwin has introduced horizontal backshells for its Gecko-Screw-Lok (Gecko-SL) series of lightweight, high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors. These backshells ensure a fully EMI/RFI shielded connection for horizontal 1.25mm pitch board-to-cable connections. Previously Gecko EMI/RFI shielding was only available on vertical board-to-cable orientations. This new development will be of real value to applications requiring EMI/RFI protection, but where there is very little space to fit the connectors/cabling. Applications include satellites and CubeSats, UAVs, robotics, medical equipment, and high-density industrial systems.

Two variants of these horizontal backshells are available. The first features rear panel mount lugs, and the second is without them included. These backshells are compatible with the Gecko-SL horizontal through-board connectors (with standard gender locking) and Gecko-MT mixed layout connectors (which have both power and data-carrying capabilities).

These top mounted backshells are independently secured instead of attached directly to the connector. As a result, they can be added at the build phase as well as during the initial design concept stages. They will withstand the same high vibration, shock, and temperature extremes as the rest of the Gecko range, ideal for demanding or extreme environments.

“We are now able to offer metal backshells across both vertical and horizontal Gecko interconnect configurations, which will be a major benefit to highly space-limited engineering designs,” Ryan Smart, head of product management at Harwin explained. “We are committed to attending the shielding needs of our avionics, space, industrial and defence customers, especially where there are closely stacked together PCBs or tight enclosures involved.”

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