Harwin’s wire management cable clips now be sourced through TTI

TTI, a specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components, is now stocking surface mount wire management cable clips from Harwin. Specifically designed to be automatically placed and soldered directly to the PCB, EZ-Cable Clips have been designed to save time and money. They are ultra-low profile and, unlike bulky plastic clips, they do not protrude through the PCB, increasing design flexibility.

Available in five different sizes to accommodate a range of wires between 0.8mm and 3.0mm in diameter, these metal clips are physically much smaller than equivalent plastic wire management clips. They are placed directly onto solder pads, thus negating the need to drill retaining holes in the PCB, offering further space and cost savings.

Whereas plastic clips require time consuming and very costly installation by hand, EZ-Cable Clips eliminate that process as they can be assembled at the same time as the rest of the SMT components. As a coax grounding clip, the devices provide a simple method of grounding coax braid to the PCB, and are compatible with a variety of coax sizes.

Supplied in tape and reel format, Harwin’s new metal cable clips are fully compatible with automated manufacturing and soldering processes. The devices offer excellent mechanical performance and are ideally suited for high–volume commercial and industrial markets as well as consumer electronics applications.



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