HARTING features connectivity and RFID solutions for the rail industry

At Rail 2015, The HARTING technology Group is featuring its wide range of connectivity solutions targeted at rail industry infrastructure applications, along with new developments in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for asset management applications.

Key products on show include the Han(R) range of heavy-duty connectors, including the Han-Eco(R) family of rugged lightweight devices, inter-vehicle jumper cables, Ethernet switches for signalling applications, har-port services interfaces for USB and Ethernet communications, and RFID for asset management.

A major new development from HARTING is a new design of pluggable inter-car jumper cable which carries electrical power, data and control signals. The jumpers use Han® HPR rectangular connectors to ensure a robust connection to the vehicles, with the addition of industrial-grade Ha-VIS RFID transponders built into the connectors to improve the management and maintenance regime.

The RFID transponder tags give each jumper cable a unique identification, allowing full traceability from the tag attached to the connector. In conjunction with an antenna, lineside readers and purpose-designed software, the transponders allow the operator to monitor the performance of each jumper cable throughout its life. This includes the precise evaluation of wear, facilitating a switch to a condition-based rather than a periodic maintenance regime, reducing both downtime and cost.

HARTING’s RFID system also allow data recording from fast-moving trains. Successful tests have been carried out on complete HARTING RFID systems involving robust, metal-housed transponders and communications software to allow the recording of data from trains travelling at over 120 km/h. Here, the transponders are mounted on the train and the RFID reader is typically housed in a switching cabinet mounted near the track in conformity with railway standards.


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