HARTING connector supports safe electrical grounding for portable equipment

The Han GND from HARTING is a new connector series designed to offer a solution for the safe grounding of electrical circuitry in portable units or for concerts and other events where equipment is erected on a temporary basis. For the first time, it allows full potential equalisation to be implemented in a pluggable design.

The robust IP 65 plastic housing single-pole connector has been designed for stranded wires from 10 mm² to 35 mm² cross-section, and is available in both crimp and axial screw termination. The axial screw arrangement allows wires to be terminated to contacts without the need for special tooling.

Extra connector mating security can be provided by the use of additional locking elements that prevent unintentional interruption. Cable-to-cable hoods and gender changers allow a full system distribution cabling configuration to be assembled.

Han GND can easily be integrated into temporary stage and truss constructions. An assembly with a pre-terminated crimp lug on the end of a length of cable and a Han GND connector on the other end would be suitable for linking with standard fixtures and fittings such as ground spikes, rods or adjustable jubilee clips.

According to HARTING applications for the Han GND connector can be found right across the broadcast and entertainment market sector: for indoor or outdoor touring concert and festival electrical power distribution, theatre stage wings, portable lighting, audiovisual events, touring fairground rides and attractions, TV outside broadcast installations, sports events – ianywhere that requires rapid connections of ground leads on a temporary basis.



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