Haredata Electronics adds DOE ready ‘FOX’ Power Supplies to its existing range of products

Haredata Electronics has expanded its existing catalogue of world-class, fixed and interchangeable plug-top power supplies with a range of DOE2016 ready, medical, household and IT approved ‘FOX’ Power Supplies. The FOX range of power supplies represents the cutting edge in external power supply technology with a power density 25% greater than its predecessor.

These power supplies meet the latest efficiency regulations set for DOE2016 with proven EMC conformity, low stand-by losses =0.09W and an MTBF of 200,000 hours. The IEC 60601-1 approved medical range of FOX power supplies have a low leakage current =10µA and a medical protection class of 2 x MOPP. This range of ‘FOX’ power supplies are more compact than previous products and for the 1st time on a plug-top exchangeable unit, a rating of IP42 is possible with FRIWO’s unique patent pending input plugs.

The FOX units are available in 6, 12, 18 and 30 Watts with voltages ranging from 5 to 48V. Also Haredata Electronics has available 6 and 12 Watt, 5V USB power supplies with medical and IT approvals.

Having interchangeable input plugs on your power supply means that each power supply can be supplied with a range of suitable input plugs for major global markets in the USA, UK, EU, Australia and Asia. This helps manufacturers shipping their products into global markets allowing for the ordering of a single power supply unit with multiple input plug options. These power supplies are also available with a wide range of DC connectors that can be fitted specific to your individual requirements.

If you are looking for Battery Chargers that meet the same standards as the ‘FOX’ power supplies, Haredata Electronics have a large range of Lithium-Ion desktop battery chargers that can be supplied from 1 cell upwards, with voltages from 3.7-36V. Again, these Battery Charger units are available with a wide range of DC connectors.

With UK stock holding of products and over 30 years of experience and technical knowhow in the ever changing world of power supply technology, Haredata Electronics are your ideal partner, providing a complete one stop shop to power your products success. Speak to one of our experienced team members to find out how we can help you with your power supply requirements.

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