Han-Modular docking frame features floating mount for “blind” connection

A new docking frame with a floating mount has been added to the HARTING Han-Modular series of industrial connectors, allowing users to assemble customised connector configurations using “blind” connection.

The new docking frame, in the 10B size range, makes it possible to create a modular docking connector without a housing. This type of connector is typically used as an insert in switch cabinets, where the insert cassette is pushed into the cabinet and the sides of the connector are brought together “blind” to form a reliable connection.

The float mount frame can move freely over a distance of ±2 mm, and incorporates leading centring pins and bushes with high mechanical stability to ensure that both connector sides connect reliably together.

The device is designed for docking applications in the IP20 range, and is available in four different versions suitable for two, three, four or six modules. It completes the Han-Modular® docking frame product portfolio, which is now available in all sizes from 6B to 24B.

The HARTING Han-Modular series is constantly being expanded, and currently comprises over 40 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals for a multitude of applications.



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