Hammond 1593 range extensions

Hammond has introduced a new variant of the 1593 hand-held and instrument ABS plastic enclosures with aluminium end panels as an optional replacement for the plastic ones that continue to be available. Designated the 1593AL, the new versions are initially available in 12 sizes from 66 x 66 x 28mm to 140 x 66 x 28mm, with one or two removable end panels depending on the size. All sizes are available with black, grey and translucent blue bodies as standard.

Hammond has also added two new sizes to the original 1593 plastic panel family, increasing the range to 15 different sizes, all available bodies and panels in black, grey and translucent blue as standard. The 1593V is 60 x 105 x 35mm and the 1593W is 110 x 105 x 35mm; both versions have two removable end panels and are without a battery door.

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