Hall current-sense family from Solid State Supplies boosts accuracy and stability in single-chip footprint

Solid State Supplies has introduced three new Hall-sensor ICs for accurate, stable and energy-conscious current sensing, targeting applications such as motor or power-supply control, load management, and circuit protection, where space is tight and ambient temperature can vary. The Allegro MicroSystems ACS722, ACS723 and ACS726 feature a low-resistance conductor path that allows energy-efficient sensing and enhances inrush-current capability.

The integrated Hall IC features Allegro’s patented digital temperature compensation, which enables high accuracy over temperature similar to that of a closed-loop sensor. The proprietary amplifier and filter design delivers superior bandwidth, and chopper stabilisation ensures a stable quiescent output voltage.

The ACS722 and ACS723 are space saving and economical SOIC8 devices with high gain allowing ±5A (10A unidirectional) to ±40A full-scale range. The sensor ICs have industry-leading noise performance, and pin-selectable bandwidth of 80kHz or 20kHz. The ACS722 operates from a 3.0V-3.6V supply, while the ACS723 is designed for 4.5V-5.5V operation.

The ACS726 has a differential output giving improved immunity to output-offset drift and common-mode noise. Two device variants give a choice of ±20A or ±40A optimised sensing range, and an independent back-end amplifier allows the designer to set the full-scale range by adjusting gain and bandwidth using external RC components. The back-end amplifier can be turned off when unused.

All three devices feature isolation between the current conductor leads and sensor-IC signal leads, which saves any need for external isolation components and allows use in high-side sensing or line-tied applications. In addition, internal shielding between the conductor and IC virtually eliminates capacitive coupling effects when high dV/dt voltage is applied.

Samples of the ACS722, ACS723 and ACS726 are in stock now at Solid State Supplies.


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