Guidelines for designing automated vehicle control systems published by BSI

BSI, in its role as the UK National Standards Body, has released PAS 1880 Guidelines for developing and assessing control systems for automated vehicles.

The new guide, developed with the support of UK government’s Centre for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CCAV), is intended to help companies involved in the design of automated vehicles, including those conducting trials and testing, to assess the safety of their control systems* and provide confidence in their end-product.

The fast-tracked standardization document, known as Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 1880, was developed with industry input to provide supporting guidelines for manufacturers and developers of automated vehicles and their sub-components. The guidelines detail key areas that should be considered by developers in the design of a control system, and what types of evidence may be assembled to provide confidence in their product. PAS 1880 is expected to complement the well-established international standard for automotive functional safety BS ISO 26262, in helping engineers assess the safety of the automated vehicles and driving systems.

It is the second publication from BSI’s two-year CAV Standards Programme. It follows PAS 1881 Assuring the Safety of Automated Vehicle Trials and Testing – Specification. The Programme has been delivered in conjunction with the CCAV, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Transport, Innovate UK and Zenzic. It aims to accelerate the safe use of CAVs with guidance and technical standards. A third publication, PAS 1883, is due to be released later this summer. It will provide a pioneering taxonomy for describing the Operational Design Domain (ODD) of automated vehicles and driving systems, much needed by the industry to support their safe deployment at scale.

Nick Fleming, Head of Mobility and Transport Standards at BSI, said: “As the UK continues to build a world-leading environment for the trialling, testing and deployment of this innovative technology, we recognize that its foundation depends on safe design to achieve the full benefits of automated vehicles. PAS 1880 will serve as an important source of guidance for the industry in achieving safe, secure and effective deployment of automated vehicles.”

This free to download guide has been produced by a steering group1 made-up of organizations from the UK CAV eco-system, including manufacturing, automotive and technology professionals, vehicle testing and verification companies.

BSI is interested in hearing from organizations who will be implementing the new PAS and are interested in contributing to a case study to share their experiences. Please contact or visit


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