GTK help customers with bespoke connectors

Board-to-board connectors are regarded as ‘core’ connectors in electronic product design, but standard, off-the-shelf components are not always right for the application. Frequently, GTK fields requests for customisaton that assume that the easiest way to find the perfect fit is to alter a pin header, with special heights, PCB spacing or void pins. However in many cases, the PCB receptacle presents the best opportunity for modification, and GTK can assist customers with either approach.

Caroline Ebbage, Business Manager for Connectors at GTK, states, “GTK can modify standard connectors to meet the needs of specific customer applications. We help customers find innovative ways of achieving their end goal, whilst trying to avoid excessive additional costs. We have the capability to design and manufacture completely bespoke connectors but, in many cases, modifying standard connectors provides the solution that the customer needs.”

If you’re having trouble with off-the-shelf connectors, get in touch today.

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