GSR Technology Europe announces new development from NLT Technologies

GSR Technology Europe Ltd is pleased to announce the latest development from NLT Technologies “NL10276AC30-53D”. The thin and lightweight 15.0-inch LCD module with XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels) is ideal for industrial applications such as HMI, POS and ATMs. The module utilises a slim LED backlight system, resulting in a thinner and lighter body. Its width is 6.3 mm and its weight is 640 g. It is also approximately 50 per cent thinner compared against conventional modules in the same size range.


Furthermore, the new LED backlight with excellent luminous efficiency has lower power consumption. Often a thin LCD module has an inefficient light generation, leading to a tendency to increase power consumption. However, the new module with the high efficiency backlight can prevent the increase associated with the thin body, and therefore, excellent performance of 500 cd/m2 luminance at 8.5W power consumption is achieved.


POS systems are widely used for sales management in distribution, retail, and other industries. A compact footprint and improved design are often required for such kind of terminal equipment. Consequently, thinner, lighter, and more power-saving display modules are needed. The development of the thin and lightweight model meets the market needs by enabling more compact designs of terminals, which will also contribute to improved convenience for their users.

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