GPEG responds to demand for affordable industrial multi-touch solutions

The growing demand for touchscreen functionality in a range of electronics products has created an expectation for industrial products to follow the trend.

Until now in order to realise the common input gestures of pinching, zooming and swiping projected capacitive technology has been the only choice.

Because projected capacitive technology is still quite new and costly it has been restricted to high volume production, making it inaccessible and cost-prohibitive to many smaller businesses. 

GPEG International has overcome this constraint by creating a range of standard sensors which can be combined with a back printed toughened glass cover lens that has the look and feel of a smartphone or tablet to create a practical and cost-effective multi-touch solution.

GPEG can produce the product from as few as 50 pieces per lot. This means industrial customers can meet the growing demand for flush edge to edge multi-touch technology without incurring huge costs with lead times and uncertainty over supply chains.

Available in 17in, 19in, 21.5in, and a growing range of other products, the sensors can be sold as a component with an integrated microcontroller as an open frame monitor solution for equipment makers or alternatively can be sold as a total monitor solution for system integrators.

Combined with GPEG’s unique optically bonded bezel less touchscreen the display can cope with the rigours of oil, water and grease and can be operated when wearing gloves or with a stylus, making it suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Its flush finish makes it aesthetically attractive, as well as easy to integrate in different product designs.

To find out more about GPEG’s multi-touch solutions visit, email or call 08704 931433.

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