GOEPEL electronics simplifies test of DDR3-DIMM sockets

GOEPEL electronics has developed a new solution for Boundary Scan test of DDR3-DIMM sockets. The CION Module SO-DIMM204-3/ECC is simply plugged into the test socket and allows the structural test coverage of DDR3 memory interfaces.

All signal pins as well as almost all Ground-Pins can be tested via Boundary Scan. Equipped with the GOEPEL electronics Boundary Scan ASIC, CION, the module can be connected to any Test Access Point (TAP). It enables the user to detect link failures, for example caused by incorrectly soldered pins or bent terminals.

In combination with the Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON, a comprehensive automation of the entire project development is possible. The module offers a simple, safe and inexpensive solution for test of complex DDR3 memory interfaces with minimal effort. Test time only takes fractions of seconds and even parallel testing of multiple memory interfaces is possible.

The CION SO-DIMM204-3/ECC modules can be used both in the laboratory for prototype test as well as in series production. 



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