Go Wireless with dynamic RFID/NFC tag from Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now shipping the new M24SR Dynamic RFID Tags from STMicroelectronics which come with enhanced security features for RFID and NFC applications, and up to 8KBytes of internal EEPROM. The M24SR Dynamic RFID Tag is NFC Forum Type 4 Tag compatible and supports tag functions for both RFID and NFC applications, operating in any of three modes.

In I2C Mode, configuration data is transferred to the device by the I2C interface. In Tag Mode, the I2C interface is disconnected and RFID or NFC data is transferred over the external RF field. In Dual Interface Mode, both the I2C interface and the RF interface are functional. In all three modes the M24SR acts as a slave on both the I2C interface and the RF channel. Up to 8KBytes of internal EEPROM is available for storing system configuration data with data retention of up to 200 years.

To enhance system security, a dedicated pin is available to disable all RF communications. A CRC module automatically calculates the CRC of received transmissions and verifies data accuracy and, in addition, optional password security for I2C system programming access is available to prevent unauthorised tampering with the chip. The password is stored in the internal EEPROM and, when enabled, is required when the system microcontroller sends commands over the I2C interface to the device.

Debugging is enhanced by a dedicated General Purpose Output (GPO) pin that can be programmed to toggle when the device is in any selected state, or even used as a configurable interrupt pin to notify the system CPU of the status of the M24SR.

Development for the M24SR is supported with the M24LR Discovery Board, an easy-access turn-key development platform to accelerate the creation and integration of energy-autonomous data collection, asset tracking or diagnostics capabilities.



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