Global distributor praises rising stars of electronic design from University teams for creativity

Mouser Electronics, the global authorised distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, has presented prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars to the winners of Texas Instruments’ Innovation Challenge: Europe Analog Design Contest 2014.  Part of Texas Instruments’ European university programme which facilitates the inclusion of world-class embedded processing and analogue technologies into electrical engineering courses and research programmes throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, the TI Innovation Challenge: Europe has been sponsored by Mouser Electronics for the past two years. The competition is open to teams of two to five engineering students on Undergraduate, Masters or PhD courses and the goal is to use TI’s products to design and build prototype electronic devices that deliver a solution to real-world requirements.

First prize in the 2014 Innovation Challenge Europe was awarded to Stijn Wielandt and Steven De Launsnay of KU Leuven, Belgium for their Tlagnose Watch, which measures temperature, bilirubin levels and blood oxygen saturation in newborns.  Worn by medical staff, the Tlagnose watch is designed to replace multiple hand-held devices which each measure different functions, are virtually impossible to sterilise and are prone to being mis-placed in the hospital environment.  The Tlagnose watch operates and is charged wirelessly, and only requires contact with the baby to begin taking measurements.  Results are transmitted in 1.25 seconds to a display and a central computer. The miniature device has seven PCBs incorporating seventeen different TI chips.

Second prize went to a team from Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland for its 2W 445nm Laser Diode Driver to be used in applications such as extending the capabilities of 3D printers to engrave on wood or plexiglass.

Third place was awarded to another Polish team, this time from Kielce University, who designed a wireless personal monitor capable of monitoring selectable medical parameters according to the user’s needs. There are currently no devices on the market capable of measuring such a wide and customisable range of parameters or monitoring the position of the wearer’s body.  The wearable wireless monitor can be used to monitor the health of vulnerable elderly people living alone or even for people working alone in hazardous conditions.

The fourth prize was awarded to a team from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, who designed highly-integrated advanced high resolution radar sensors for use in future industrial and medical applications such as  augmenting the reality of the user, for example to assist visually impaired individuals navigating through their daily lives or helping emergency services to navigate through smoke.

Glenn Smith, president and CEO Mouser Electronics, and Mark Burr-Lonnon, vice-president Asia and Europe attended the awards ceremony.  Presenting the winners with a cheque for $10,000, Smith commented: “It’s a real thrill to sponsor TI’s Innovation Challenge: Europe as it enables us to directly support the rising stars of tomorrow. This is exactly where the ethos of Mouser as a company lies – bringing the newest products to the market first so engineers can take advantage of the very latest technologies developed by companies such as TI. This year’s winners have all demonstrated outstanding creativity in their application of technical advances and particular praise must go to Stijn Wielandt and Steven De Launsnay for the Tlagnose watch which is a real leap forward.”

Mouser is devoted to helping engineers speed their designs by delivering the newest electronic components and advanced technologies, along with a spectrum of resources, through its website The global distributor supports inventive thinking by empowering engineers  worldwide to make their ideas a working reality, connecting dreamers, students and innovators to the components and tools they need to create designs that will solve today’s toughest challenges.

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