Ginsbury expands standard product PCAP offerings from Ocular

Display specialist Ginsbury have announced the addition of a 18.5-inch projected capacitive (PCAP) touch panel from the industrial touch panel supplier Ocular. The touch panel is part of Ocular”s Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch PLUS standard product line.

Crystal Touch: TRUE Multi-Touch PLUS panels provide a multi-touch interface with a pre-integrated, optically bonded, soda-lime cover glass with a decorative black border. The additional layer of glass adds durability and is ready to be integrated into touch driven devices. Customers also have the option of adding their logo, or product name, to the black border on the pre-bonded cover glass.

“The demand for larger size PCAP touch panels is rapidly increasing,” said Paul Massey, senior vice president of marketing and sales at Ocular. “Customers want to leverage our PCAP technology in their devices because of the increased durability and enhanced optical clarity our Crystal Touch products provide. Adding an 18.5-inch touch panel to our standard product line provides another size option that is ready to be incorporated into customer devices. Medical, Point-of-Sale and many other industries will benefit from this new standard size offering.”

The 18.5-inch PCAP touch panel allows for up to 16 simultaneous touches and features the Atmel maXTouch mXT1664S controller. The combination of Ocular’s Crystal Touch technology and the maXTouch line of touchscreen controllers provide a robust touch solution that can identify and disregard unintentional touches. The maXTouch series offers features that include noise suppression, high responsiveness and precision which help provide an enhanced user experience.

Ginsbury Electronics is Ocular’s distribution channel partner for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Standard Crystal Touch panels are available in sizes ranging from 4.3 to 18.5-inches and can be supplied by Ginsbury.


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