General Micro Systems taps IT leader to extend its military pedigree low-power, small form factor servers to enterprise and non-defence industries

General Micro Systems, Inc. (GMS) has announced that it is extending its technology-leading MIL-SPEC server into non-defence markets where ruggedness and reliability, highest performance and lowest energy consumption in the smallest footprint are critical. Focusing on RAS—Reliability, Availability and Serviceability—the new GMS business initiative will bring the company’s proven military-grade 2U short-rack server system to demanding industry applications, including data centres, oil and gas, mining, healthcare and aviation. Kevin Kryzda, GMS chief information officer and enterprise business development director, will lead the new business, leveraging his extensive background in senior IT positions within government information systems organisations.


“With this new initiative, GMS is offering non-defence markets the advantages of server technologies from a company that has a long and proven track record for the highest reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS),” said Kryzda. “General Micro Systems’ server products were developed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the most demanding environmental conditions. Now, non-military customers can take advantage of these technologies to reduce costs, improve capabilities and grow their market share.” ??

Enterprise servers based on MIL-SPEC rugged S2U “King Cobra” server technology

New server products for enterprise markets will be based on the S2U “King Cobra” server, which replaces up to 15U of equivalent rackmount components in a 2U short rack (17-inch deep) configuration. The design optimises each sub-system for maximum performance, lowest power, highest efficiency thermal profile and modular replacement, making each subsystem scalable and upgradable with lower total cost of ownership. These technologies have been awarded or have pending 12 patents, which allows GMS to offer enterprise servers with unprecedented capabilities.


For demanding commercial markets, these one-of-a-kind technologies enable:

•    Reduced space required for computing resources, or increased density of computing resources that can be provisioned in a facility.

•    Lower energy consumption per unit of compute capability, which can also reduce total facility power, thereby improving the power usage effectiveness (PUE).

•    Deployment where existing computing solutions would be at risk of failure from exposure to vibration, dust, hazardous materials, heat or cold. Examples include:

  • Commercial aviation satellite connectivity and on-board infotainment
  • Portable high-performance medical applications
  • Onsite oil, gas or mining environments
  • Shipboard or airborne networks
  • High-reliability data centres


Kevin Kryzda to lead new initiative

Kevin Kryzda, who brings deep expertise in large government information services and networking projects in Martin County, Florida, will lead GMS’s push into enterprise, non-defence markets.

“Kevin’s management of Martin County’s high-bandwidth fibre build-out was instrumental to GMS’s successful expansion in South Florida,” said Ben Sharfi, CEO, GMS. “His vision and expertise in managing network growth will directly benefit customers who are looking for rugged server and enterprise equipment in our expanded target markets. He knows what the customer needs—he has ‘lived’ it.”


In Martin County, Kryzda successfully implemented innovative IT solutions, cost-saving consolidations and shared services agreements with cities and government agencies. As part of that process, he negotiated a highly competitive contract to build a county-wide fibre-optic network that saved over $10 million in operating costs over 15 years, and, at last count, connects over 130 buildings throughout the county. Other initiatives include an agreement to upgrade two counties’ aging Public Safety Radio Systems, increasing interoperability and saving millions of dollars in capital and operating costs.


Kryzda holds an A.S. in petroleum technology, a B.S. in oceanography from the Florida Institute of Technology and an M.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University, as well as Certified Public Technology Manager (CPTM) and Certified Chief Information Officer (CCIO) accreditations from the Florida Institute of Government and Florida State University.

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