Future Facilities launches neutral file format for thermal simulation models

Future Facilities, provider of leading thermal simulation tool, 6SigmaET, has today announced the availability of a new neutral file format that will help solve the challenge of sharing design models between different thermal simulation toolsets. The new file type will enable seamless file interchangeability – removing a major bottleneck in the existing thermal supply chain.

Sharing simulation data between multiple engineers or teams is often required, but can be problematic where a common simulation platform is not utilised. This is analogous to the data sharing that regularly takes place in MCAD and ECAD design flows. However in these disciplines multiple neutral file formats already exist – such as SAT, STEP, IGES, IDF, and GERBER. 6SigmaET’s new format brings the benefits of such data sharing to thermal and electrical engineers for the first time.

The new format will be available to users of all leading simulation platforms, with 6SigmaET looking to provide a more open and collaborative standard for the industry.

Akhil Docca, corporate marketing and product strategy manager at Future Facilities, said: “Neutral file formats are already a key part of CAD workflows in many other areas. Indeed, in many instances design work would come to a halt if neutral file formats didn’t exist. In speaking to a number of our peers and customers in the thermal sector, it became clear that simpler data sharing is increasingly vital for simulation engineers. As just one example, Intel has previously stated that it must spend hundreds of hours per year converting different CFD file types from one format to another for engineering analysis.”

“Future Facilities is committed not just to serving our customers’ needs, but also ensuring that we continue to push the thermal engineering sector forward. Launching a open file format is just the latest in a long line of innovations that have been developed in 6SigmaET, but one that we hope will be appreciated by engineers throughout the industry – regardless of the simulation tool they currently use.”

The new, neutral file format will be presented to the thermal engineering community at a user meeting hosted by Intel during Semi-Therm, March 19th-23rd, San Jose, California.


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