Future Facilities announces Release 10 of its 6SigmaET thermal simulation tool

Release 10 brings cloud solving, improved gridding and enhanced speed and accuracy to the thermal design process


Engineering simulation software developer Future Facilities today announced Release 10 of their leading electronics thermal simulation software, 6SigmaET. As the first major update since the launch of Release 9 in 2014, Release 10 introduces a host of new features designed to accelerate solve times, enhance accuracy and enable the creation of more complex designs.


At the heart of Release 10 lies an improved unstructured gridding capability. This advanced technology makes solving up to six times faster by altering the granularity of its grids to account for varying levels of complexity in the model. This allows users to run more variations of their designs, large models with greater accuracy and in ever-shorter timeframes.


Responding to industry suggestions, Release 10 makes key thermal analysis tasks even simpler, with improved configuration of the simulation environment including altitude and solar radiation. 6SigmaET now also calculates the weight of each part so engineers can easily optimise their product to reduce weight. Through these enhancements, engineers can use 6SigmaET to develop designs for an even greater array of real-life and hypothetical scenarios, without the need for costly prototypes.


Other features include a new in-built Package Builder, which allows users to automatically generate individual IC component models simply by defining a list of preset parameters. Through this interface, users can create detailed integrated circuits thermal models for inclusion within their product designs – allowing them to analyse internal temperatures of complex ICs.  


Release 10 also takes advantage of 6SigmaET’s new partnership with cloud platform Rescale, allowing simulations to be solved on demand via high performance computing in the cloud. Reducing solve times and enabling users to solve large and detailed simulations.  


Commenting on the new release, Tom Gregory, product manager at Future Facilities, said: “Release 10 sees significant improvements to the 6SigmaET platform, helping engineers to streamline the thermal simulation process while cutting costs, reducing times to market and ultimately improving the accuracy of their thermal designs.


“Many of these changes have come about through a crowdsourced approach to software development. With each release of 6SigmaET we have asked our customers for feedback and incorporated their recommendations into our design. Several of the functions built into Release 10, including improved simulation of micro vias and heat flux visualisation, have been included directly as a result of our existing customers’ individual needs.”


To find out more about the latest version of 6SigmaET, or to download a free trial, visit http://www.6sigmaet.info/trialrequest.php 

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