Future Electronics signs new franchise agreement with TechNexion

Future Electronics has signed a worldwide franchise distribution agreement with the embedded System-on-Module manufacturer TechNexion. The company manufacturers a wide range of embedded boards and System-on-Modules (SOM) featuring ARM-based processors from Texas Instruments, Freescale, and x86 processors from Intel. The company also supplies complete embedded systems, and touch-interface panel PCs and fanless systems.

For design engineers TechNexion provides a range of easy to use development kits that include tested and verified versions of Linux and Android operating systems and Windows Embedded. This together with detailed high quality documentation, and hardware / software implementation means that engineers are able to quickly validate and implement technology in their end equipment.

TechNexion’s commitment to technology development on behalf of the embedded design community has resulted in the introduction of the EDM standard, an open-source hardware and software interface between a system-on-module (SOM) board and a carrier board. This is the first standard interface to provide pin-to-pin and software compatibility between ARM and x86 SOM embedded modules.

Commenting Colin Weaving, European Technology Director of Future Electronics, said: ‘The embedded and industrial computing world is largely standards-based, and so the choice between one board or SOM supplier and another normally comes down to comparisons of price and quality. We think that TechNexion excels on both counts. It gives our customers a low-cost entry route into SOM solutions for industrial applications. And through the EDM interface, TechNexion provides an unusually easy way to extend, modify and customize its off-the-shelf hardware. This is why we are very happy to have signed this new distribution agreement with TechNexion.’




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