Future Electronics signs global distribution agreement with GainSpan

Future Electronics has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with GainSpan Corporation. GainSpan is a privately-owned spin-off of Intel, founded in 2006, with its headquarters in San Jose, California and the company looks to address the market demand for low power and low cost Wi-Fi connectivity.

GainSpan has developed an ultra-low power chip and 802.11 b and 802.11 b/g/n modules, a suite of embedded and Serial to Wi-Fi software as well as complete solutions and development kits. The low power technology results in Wi-Fi that uses very little power, and products can run for years on standard batteries.

Customers can link almost any 8-32-bit microcontroller to their solution and get Wi-Fi quickly and easily. In addition, a number of device and module vendors offer solutions based on GainSpan’s technology. With their embedded Wi-Fi solutions, customers across a variety of industries are able to develop a whole new class of Internet connected products.

GainSpan’s low power Wi-Fi ICs and modules are a strong solution for long battery life applications within the Health Care and Fitness, Smart Energy, Industrial Controls, Commercial/Building Automation and Consumer markets.



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