Future Electronics is hosting a free IoT cellular workshop in Stuttgart

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, is hosting a seminar workshop with Multitech, Gemalto, and Sierra Wireless about the latest cellular technologies for IoT on September 5, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Internet of Things has seen rapid growth in recent years, and manufacturers must get their products connected if they want to benefit from the burgeoning IoT market. This hands-on workshop will give designers and developers with the essential knowledge to design a cellular IoT solution, including critical security considerations and the latest available technologies.

The event will feature hands-on demos and presentations with Gemalto, Sierra Wireless, and Multitech which will enable manufacturers to make good decisions as they develop their new cellular IoT solutions.

Presentations and workshops will include:

  • Basics of Cellular

Sierra Wireless will offer an overview of key considerations for cellular solution design, key differences between fixed-network and cellular development, and data transfer over cellular networks

  • Security in Cellular

Gemalto will deliver an overview of the best practices and the latest solutions for securing your data on cellular networks

  • Choosing the best technology and approvals

Multitech will present an overview of the different technologies available, criteria for selection, and all the necessary certifications and approvals

  • SIMs and Cellular Network Update

Future Electronics will deliver an overview of all available SIM services, and an update on the latest mobile network technologies

These workshops are tailored to design and development engineers, so software experience is recommended.


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