Full results of Barr Group’s 2017 Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey now available

Barr Group has officially released the 2017 Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey Analysis Report. The 124-page report provides an in-depth view of the findings from Barr Group’s third annual Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey. The report is free of charge and can be downloaded in PDF format from the website. An on-demand replay of the March 23, 2017 Survey Results webinar can also be found on the website.


“As we dig deeper into the state of practice, it is alarmingly obvious that the embedded systems design community has a lot of work to do to make its products fully safe and secure,” said Michael Barr, CTO of Barr Group. “For the betterment of all, we’ve decided to make the full survey results available free this year, along with our detailed analysis of the data.” 


As the majority of new embedded systems are now Internet-connected, increased security (especially for safety-critical products such as medical devices and automotive systems) must rapidly become a higher priority for the embedded system designers. The free report includes an assessment of the strengths as well as the weaknesses of current practice and includes advice for building a safer and more secure Internet of Things.



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