Fujitsu expands line of 8FX 8-bit MCUs for DC motor control

As low-cost and low-power microcontrollers, products from both series offer ‘right-sized’ solutions for a wide range of applications, including home appliances, home electronics, personal care products, power tools and office automation equipment.

Brushless DC motors are superior in terms of their noiselessness and their long life expectancy. Since such motors account for a significant percentage of a product’s overall cost, there is significant demand for lower cost microcontrollers to control brushless DC motors. In addition, there is also considerable demand for microcontrollers that can support relatively high-end products requiring fine-grained system control, such as temperature sensors, light sensors and other applications that monitor a range of environmental parameters for a device. Moreover, the increasing focus in recent years on reducing the power consumption of electronics products has generated growing pressure to reduce power consumption to the minimum for standby and normal operation modes.

The MB95690 series has been developed to meet these needs. Presented in a 48-pin package with 60 KB of built-in flash memory, it is a power-efficient microcontroller that includes brushless DC motor control functionality, various timers and communications functions that are useful both for general-purpose applications and peripheral circuits.

The MB95810 series products offer up to 60 KB of flash memory capacity in a 64-pin package, and are also equipped with peripheral circuits, such as up to 12 channels of high-precision A/D converters and an analogue comparator with reference voltage. Both series also enable the use of fewer system components and can also run large-scale processing programs. One typical application is as a power-efficient system management microcontroller for system and power management.

Fujitsu Semiconductor

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