Fujitsu Electronics Europe obtains exclusive global distribution rights for 3D Global products

Value added distribution partner Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) is expanding its product range, entering into a partnership with 3D Global, a manufacturer of three-dimensional display systems. After nearly ten years of research, the company has developed an innovative production process which allows to implement project-specific solutions more cost-effectively and quickly. Fujitsu Electronics Europe is exclusively responsible for global product sales, project planning and customer support through its local organisations in Europe, Asia, the US and Japan.

Besides its strong in-house development team, 3D Global has also acquired assets and patents from other companies. Hence all conditions are set to begin serial production by the middle of the year.

“Our market launch is coming just at the right time, as the demand for 3D display systems is growing worldwide,” says Dr. Matthias Hohenstein, managing director of 3D Global. “The technology offers numerous application possibilities anywhere 3D representations are improving information collection. This could be the case in automotive and medical display technologies, industrial environments, as well as in the film and gaming industry or even in fitness equipment.”

Two-dimensional displays, which have been almost exclusively used to this point, lose critical information in visualisation. Two-dimensional representation conveys no depth impression which normally arises with human spatial vision. 3D Global’s screens and display systems make it possible to see objects in front of, in and behind the screen. This so-called autostereoscopic display, now available on a large scale in series devices, can generate three-dimensional perception without the annoying addition of helmets or glasses.

3D Global has now entered into an exclusive cooperation and distribution agreement with FEEU to make this technology available to customers all over the world. “With 3D Global and Fujitsu Electronics Europe two strong partners come together,” says Axel Tripkewitz, president and managing director of FEEU. “3D Global has done intensive development work in recent years, establishing a new production process for an existing technology that can achieve impressive results over existing techniques. Now we are taking care of supplying this company’s innovative products globally. The partnership will benefit from our more than 35 years of experience in the relevant industries, our global access to national markets and the reliability of our supply chain.”

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