Fujitsu Electronics Europe expands its BLE product portfolio with Ambiq Micro and Talent Highland solutions

Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) is expanding its Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) product portfolio with solutions from Ambiq Micro and Talent Highland. The new products offer customers high integration, low power consumption and flexibility. To facilitate the integration of BLE products into their applications, they can use the ClickBeetle reference platform developed by FEEU.

BLE components that fulfil all requirements

Ambiq Micro’s new BLE components make BLE applications more powerful and efficient. The Cortex M4 in Apollo 2 operates at up to 48 MHz at only 10 µA/MHz and a deep-sleep current of 2 µA, while Apollo 1 operates at up to 24 MHz at 34 µA/MHz and has a deep-sleep current of 143 nA. Additional components offer the possibility of lowering the deep-sleep current to 22 nA. With EM Microelectronic as its partner, Ambiq Micro has a BLE product with one of the most energy-efficient BLE chip solutions on the market. Depending on the requirements, Ambiq Micro offers different bundle packages to combine its Apollo 1 and Apollo 2 MCUs or RTCs with an EM9304 BLE communication chip. Combinations of MCU and BLE chips are suitable for high-performance applications, while combinations of RTC and BLE are ideal for cost-sensitive BLE beacons. Various solutions from BGA, CSP and QFN packages are available. For very small applications, Ambiq Micro also offers a SoC that combines the Apollo 2 MCU and EM9304 BLE in a 4×4 mm LGA package with 64 pins.

Customers who would like to integrate BLE further can also use a Talent Highland SIP. Components such as a DA14580 with ARM Cortex M0 16 MHz and 42 KB RAM, 1 Mbit SPI FLASH, crystals, passive components and antenna are bundled in a package measuring only 7×7 mm. Thanks to the internal DC/DC converter, the small module also supports 3 V and 1.5 V batteries. Depending on the requirements, FEEU customers can also create their own package with their own components.

ClickBeetle facilitates integration

Since November 2017, FEEU offers its reference platform ClickBeetle for application-oriented evaluation and development. With a size of just 16×26 mm, this solution uses a hardware-independent fixed pin layout, making it easy to replace and evaluate BLE components. This enables manufacturers to find tailor-made solutions for their applications.

“With the ClickBeetle platform, our best-in-class portfolio, expertise and global supply network, we lead our customer’s innovation projects to faster success,” explains Manuel Schreiner, application engineer at FEEU. “In the low-power sector in particular, we act as a one-stop shop for a wide range of products. The new Ambiq Micro and Talent Highland solutions therefore fit perfectly into our portfolio.”

Ambiq Micro will be represented with its solutions at FEEU’s booth #110 in hall 2 at embedded world 2018. FEEU’s ClickBeetle platform will also be presented on-site.

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