Fujitsu Electronics Europe at embedded world 2017

Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) will be attending this year’s embedded world in hall 2, booth number 110. The company will be offering insight into its current supplier portfolio and providing the audience a better understanding of its services, suppliers and products. This year, embedded world will take place from March 14 to 16 in Nuremberg, Germany. The key innovation set to be highlighted by the value added distribution partner at the event is a powerful FRAM solution for automotive temperature range.


Solutions and vendors at the FEEU booth

Underneath the “accelerating global innovation” slogan, FEEU will inform attendees about its current offering for the following core branches: automotive, industrial, medical & fitness and communications. Products and solutions from the following suppliers will be present:

·       Ambiq Micro: Next generation of low power MCU’s and low power RTC’s

·       FDK: DC/DC power modules and efficient coils for DC/DC converters

·       Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (FSL): FRAM solutions

·       Hokuriku: Sensors, modules, piezoelectric transducers, tactile switches, ESD protection and trim potentiometers

·       Shinko: Progressive packaging solutions

·       Tokyo Electron Device (TED)/Inrevium: FPGA boards, FPGA mezzanine cards (FMCs) and Origami FPGA modules

·       Transphorm: Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices


As its central innovation, FEEU will present a new FRAM solution at embedded world. This can resist extreme temperatures from -40 °C up to 125 °C. This temperature range ensures the nonvolatile storage technology is perfect for the challenging applications found in the automotive and manufacturing industries.


FEEU accelerates innovation

Furthermore, the consultancy services of FEEU will be a main focus at the exhibition. Axel Tripkewitz, president and managing director of Fujitsu Electronics Europe, explains the booth design: “As a value added distribution partner, embedded world is one of the most important specialised fairs for us. On-site we will demonstrate the added value of working with us to both our existing and new customers. Our experts are not only central reference points for a global network of carefully selected components and services, but also important advisors, able to accompany product development from the early planning stage through to the production phase. If a problem occurs during the development process, they use their market experience and their technical know-how to quickly find an appropriate solution. With this approach we guide our clients’ projects swiftly to success.”

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