FTDI introduces USB GPS module

FTDI Chip is employing its USB technology in the new FT-X-GPS, a device that allows precision positioning data to be derived – so that a computing platform (such as a laptop, tablet, or embedded PC) to which it has been connected, via its USB port, can benefit from this precise data to enable location-based services and applications.

Running off a 5V supply from a USB A port, this power efficient module is based on the company’s FT230XQ USB-to-UART bridge IC (part of the X-Chip series). Supporting USB2.0 Full Speed operation, it can handle data rates of 3Mbits/s. The built-in location sensing mechanism outputs data in a NMEA0183 v.3.01 format, in order to allow pinpoint accuracy. This can then be incorporated into a variety of software applications found on the connected computing platform.

The device comes in the dimensions of just 60.3mm × 20.3mm × 12.3mm and comes complete with an LED to indicate operational use. It has a temperature range that spans from -40°C to 85°C and sensitivity as low as -163dBm, enabling it to be utilised in a broad cross section of industrial, as well as consumer application scenarios.

“Modern computing platforms need to have a high degree of mobility. Software applications that make use of this mobility can add significant value to our everyday lives,” says Fred Dart, FTDI Chip’s CEO and Founder. “This small form factor USB-based GPS module offers a convenient method by which to acquire and utilize location data. Furthermore its rugged construction and strong system performance mean that it is highly optimized for demanding operating environments.”


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