FTDI Chip unveils new Chinese language website

FTDI Chip is taking further steps to gain greater traction in the Far East. The company has made major investment into a creating a capacious, easy-to-navigate website that focusses specifically on the needs of customers located in the increasingly important markets that have emerged out of China. This comprehensive new online resource not only covers FTDI Chip’s widely used portfolio of USB-related products, but also the award-winning EVE graphic controllers and performance-optimised microcontroller units offered by its sister company Bridgetek.

The Chinese language website incorporates all the same features and functionality that visitors have already become familiar with on the established FTDI Chip and Bridgetek global websites. Through it engineers and procurement staff will gain access to valuable information relating to product specifications. They will also be able to download application notes, learn about firmware updates, get details of sales offices and local distributors, view video content, benefit from the array of reference designs available and make product purchases, as well as receiving technical support to help them overcome design issues. The website is backed up by the FTDI Chip/Bridgetek Chinese sales and engineering operations, which are situated in Shanghai.

“We have had commercial and development facilities in China for a long time and the contribution that they make to the overall revenue for FTDI Chip and Bridgtek plus the volume of ICs and modules we ship to there just keep on increasing,” states, Fred Dart, CEO and founder of both FTDI Chip and Bridgtek. “Having a strong online presence to complement the existing engineering and sales support capabilities shows our clear commitment to the Greater China region and the many OEM and ODM customers that are located there.”

You can visit the new FTDI Chip/Bridgetek website at: www.ftdichip.cn

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