FTDI Chip announces collaboration with MCCI for advanced embedded SoC products

FTDI Chip has announced that its technology partnership with MCCI Corporation, a developer of USB drivers and firmware for embedded SoC, has resulted in the availability of TrueTask USB – an embedded USB host stack designed for use with FTDI Chip’s ground-breaking FT900 product family. 

TrueTask USB is a high performance, production-ready embedded USB host stack supporting the highly integrated FT900 series of application-focused microcontroller units (MCUs). As a result of this announcement, embedded product developers who select FT900 MCUs will now have access to a solid USB platform capable of offering support a wide variety of USB peripherals – such as USB storage, portable media players, video/audio conferencing system peripherals, mobile phones, Wi-Fi dongles, etc.

“The FT900 is a powerful, truly embedded MCU with an elegant architecture and rich connectivity offerings,” said Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI. “MCCI’s USB host stack is field proven and comes with a very extensive class driver portfolio. By tightly integrating TrueTask USB with the FT900 MCU we were able to optimise performance and memory without compromising on quality and features”

“TrueTask USB from MCCI is well known throughout the embedded industry for high quality USB,” said Fred Dart, CEO and Founder of FTDI Chip. “Having a pre-integrated, best in class USB stack is aligned with our product strategy for rapid go to market of our customers. We have worked extensively to ensure both a technical and commercial alignment between TrueTask USB and the FT900 series in order to ensure that our customers experience the best value for money.”


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