Freescale and MicroSys collaborate on development platform for industrial functional safety

Freescale Semiconductor and embedded system solutions provider MicroSys Electronics are collaborating to establish the industry’s most integrated development platform for functional safety. The move comes in response to the growing number of stringent functional regulations and the demand for shorter development cycles. Both trends are putting pressure on designers developing industrial equipment systems and driving the demand for integrated solutions with easy to use software.

The SafeAssure kit, developed by MicroSys (miriac-EK5744), has been engineered to speed up and simplify the creation of industrial equipment required to meet key functional safety standards. The kit, which is highly-integrated, is designed to reduce component redundancies, lower bill of material costs and speed up the development of new systems by engineers targeting next-generation industrial safety applications such as factory automation, transportation, aerospace, defence and more.

The miriac-EK5744 kit provides an optimised platform for evaluating, designing and prototyping applications which must meet safety standards such as the European Commission’s 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, the IEC 61508 (2010) and 62061 (2005) safety standards, as well as the ISO 13849 (2008) standard. MicroSys and Freescale are, in addition, working with the international certifying organisation TÜV SÜD on a concept assessment of the miriac-EK5744 kit.

The SafeAssure kit from MicroSys (miriac-EK5744) integrates Freescale’s 32-bit Qorivva MPC5744P microcontroller (MCU) and the MC33907 system power management IC with physical transceivers. These Freescale components are part of the Freescale SafeAssure program, which offers a broad solution set of MCUs, sensors and analogue ICs, as well as support for functional safety application design that includes training, safety documentation and technical support.

Commenting Dieter Pfeiffer, CEO ofMicroSys Electronics said, “Other safety kits require more board components to deliver the functionality required to meet today’s demanding safety standards, but Freescale’s Qorivva MPC5744P integrates advanced dual lock-step cores, together with many other integrated safety features, allowing for a single-MCU based development platform that delivers the performance and functionality that industrial customers demand from next-generation equipment.”


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