FRAMOS named as one of the Top 10 Machine Vision Solutions Provider for 2017

The Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine recognised the Munich based FRAMOS group as one of the Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Providers in Machine Vision for 2017. The leading global specialist and provider of imaging components and vision systems has a complete offering from image sensors to ready-to-use systems.


FRAMOS has been assisting customers since 1981 in developing innovative technologies. It is their deep understanding of how technology innovation in imaging is influencing broader adoption across multiple verticals such as, autonomous vehicles, drones/UAV’s, wearables, military/security, medical and logistics that has positioned them as a Top 10 Machine Vision Solution Provider. Whether customers need guidance to build a custom vision device, or simply procure a sensor for a pre-existing design, FRAMOS offers both support and vision components from leading brands and services with a range of capabilities to suit every budget.

“Our goal is to enable machines to see and think,” says Dr. Andreas Franz, CEO of FRAMOS. With the team’s deep expertise on a broad spectrum of cameras, robotic eyes, software and sensors, FRAMOS advises manufacturers in deploying and developing state-of-the-art imaging systems. “We are really focused on helping our customers enjoy a competitive edge, like reduced time-to-market and enhanced cost efficiency.” For Dr. Franz, one of FRAMOS’s key success factors is its holistic solutions approach along the complete imaging value chain. “As FRAMOS, we are honoured to be a part of this great community of companies being recognised this year. It is our global FRAMOS team who made this possible. They are dedicated and focused individuals whose resourcefulness, entrepreneurial spirit, and “can do” attitude leads to satisfied customers and outstanding industry solutions every single day.”


Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine annually lists 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing machine vision solutions for the manufacturing sector and impacting the marketplace. The listing helps CIOs determine the right partner with the ideal solution to solve their imaging challenges and offers an overview of how these solutions are leveraged and gives a deep insight as to how they will optimise businesses.

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