Fountech.Ventures, new next gen deep tech incubator, launches in US and UK

Fountech.Ventures, a next generation incubator for deep tech startups, has launched in the US and UK.

The subsidiary company of, a four-year-old international AI think tank and parent company to a number of specialist AI and deep tech firms, is based in Austin, Texas, US and originated in London, UK.

Fountech.Ventures goes above and beyond a standard incubator – it provides broader services over a longer timeframe so founders of deep tech startups can fast-track their businesses from ideation to commercial success.

Fountech.Ventures develops tailored programmes for members, sharing technical and commercial knowledge, along with the provision of interim CEOs, funding, business advice, office space and international networking opportunities.

Headed by Salvatore Minetti, a team of experienced tech experts will work with deep tech startups spanning artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, quantum computing and blockchain. Based on progress and continuous assessments, Fountech.Ventures will invest its own funds into its portfolio companies, from pre-seed level right through to Series B.

Salvatore Minetti, CEO of Fountech.Ventures, said: “The US and UK are home to a vast number of deep tech startups that have immense growth potential. However, reaching that potential is difficult – tech experts and PhD graduates have incredible ideas for how to use new and advanced technologies but often lack the skills and experience to transform them into successful businesses.

“Fountech.Ventures will change all this by delivering the commerical expertise and infrastructure that is sorely needed. What’s more, the fact that our members can also access vital funding and our international hubs means we have a unique ability to bring products and services grounded in leading edge technologies to huge markets. It is this end-to-end offering that makes us more than a typical incubator – Fountech.Ventures is a next generation incubator.”

Fountech.Ventures already has six portfolio companies. These include Soffos, an AI TutorBot; Prospex, an AI-powered lead generation tool; and Dinabite, a restaurant app built on an AI platform.

Its initial cohort has been filled, but the next generation incubator is always keen to identify compelling teams with leading edge capability. If you are one of those, please contact Fountech.Ventures for an initial assessment.

Rebecca Taylor and Joseph McCall have joined the Fountech.Ventures board as directors. The board is to be bolstered further with additional appointments in the coming weeks.

Rebecca is an industry fellow at UT-Austin’s Ethics Project and a senior-level executive with 35 years’ experience in inventing new technologies, forming startups, building committed teams and raising funds. Joseph is an experienced investor and advisor in the technology space, which includes being the executive director at the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative and an investor within Texas’ International Accelerator.

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and founder of the parent company, commented: “We are delighted to unveil Fountech.Ventures today. This next gen incubator is going to propel the growth of deep tech startups across both sides of the Atlantic. In doing so, we will enable innovative leading edge tech solutions to thrive and consequently improve the lives of consumers, businesses and societies.”

Earlier this year, launched the AI consultancy Fountech.Solutions, which provides clients with advice and guidance as they look to create an AI adoption strategy. In the coming months, it will also launch Fountech.Science, an exploration firm that will investigate new, novel ways in which AI can be used to tackle pressing issues affecting consumers, businesses and governments.

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