Founded in 1997: Computer Components Ltd.  Evolved in 2017: CCL – your excess inventory partner

As CCL celebrates its 20th anniversary, it does so with a fresh face

You may have recently read in the July/August issue of CIE Buzzword’s creative director Gayle Paterson’s interview with CCL’s managing director, Adam Chinery, in which Mr Chinery hinted that we would see a transformation to the CCL brand identity.

“We have started an exciting new chapter. Approximately two years ago, we recruited a new marketing manager, Lauren Costello Fox. We made this investment in talent, not only to continue to delight current customers but also to help us find new opportunities. Ms Costello Fox has been charged to evolve the face of CCL, taking 20 years of brand heritage and identity, celebrating our achievement and driving forward change. We will still be CCL, but we are moving into the age of intelligence to educate our audience on how to make CCL a component part of their business for the next 20 years and beyond,” Mr Chinery stated.

Today, Ms Costello Fox is delighted to unveil a new look and feel for CCL to mark its 20th year as a service provider. For the past two decades, CCL has offered an unrivalled solution to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers (EMS), enabling them to get a financial return on the excess component inventory that they hold.

Ms Costello Fox comments: “I was brought into CCL to nurture exciting business whilst opening the door to create new opportunities, both connected by strong, long-term relationships. Developing a partnership with our customers, prospects, suppliers, media partners and associations, to ensure that they are continuously aware of CCL, our value proposition and our proven track record as a 100 per cent dedicated excess inventory partner of choice.”

Ms Costello Fox continues: “For a company to enjoy continued success, it should look to reinvent itself as time moves on. Our rebranding process commenced about three months ago, as I saw our 20th year anniversary as a landmark achievement which should be honoured by introducing a fresh approach. With the CCL team, we went back to revisit our original mission statement, which we then cross referenced against our vision for the future. This brought us to our brand promise and company differentiators, which we mapped against client feedback. With 20 years of success and experience behind us, we have established strong relationships with the electronics companies we serve. We can leverage off this knowledge to market CCL in a stronger and bolder way than we have done in the past.

Ms Lauren Costello Fox, marketing manager, CCL

“Our new image is a graduation from the old outdated one with a nod to its origin and ‘humble beginnings’ as Mr Chinery calls it. We wanted the new image to clearly reflect what we do, and when people see it to conclude, ‘I have excess inventory, I’ll contact CCL’.

“Our current logo typeface seemed quite disconnected, as each element sat by itself, broken by white space. We wanted to introduce a more streamlined logo that appears to flow and connect with the message that CCL is an integrated part of our customers’ business, so we modernised and strengthened the current typeface to have more impact in the same physical space as the current one.

“As we’ve matured, we combined our current blue tone with a deeper, darker blue which adds a sense of maturity to the brand, as if we’ve come of age. The colour scheme and visual style have been consistently applied across the various branches of the business, from the new website to the company’s social media channels and through the work the company does for its clients. We still have a high degree of paperwork associated with our customer transactions, therefore whilst working on the logo design, we were mindful of the fact that it needed to be, copied and printed in single colour. Our new logo does this, without losing any of its brand integrity.

“As part of our brand evolution, we will also gradually switch over from using the website URL to Our rationale behind this conversation is simple, we recognised that by referring to ‘computer’ within our URL we were limiting our reach and causing confusion, as CCL deal with excess inventory from various electronic industry sectors from the traditional to non-traditional. We believe our transition to oemXS is clearer, smarter and more overt with no room for ambiguity.

“Internally, we’ve really embraced this project and the entire CCL team have seen this as an opportunity to reaffirm our shared vision and reform our company objectives. I believe that when team members are linked together with a common set of goals, which are characterised with a well-designed brand identity and message to the market, it brings the organisation together, strengthening the level of service to all customers.”

Its revised elevator pitch is:

  • CCL provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) with a one-stop solution to their excess component inventory.
  • Despite various improvements in the industry, excess inventory will always be an issue that all OEM and EMS providers face; and when the challenge arises, choosing an established inventory management specialist to guide them is vital.
  • 100 per cent focused on inventory management, CCL has evolved to assist thousands of electronics companies with managing their inventory; freeing up valuable warehouse space and improving cash flow.
  • CCL’s 20 years’ experience is gained from partnering with some of the best-known technology companies globally, and its status as an independent broker means it is flexible enough to provide a bespoke service for any requirement.

Ms Costello Fox says: “This embodies who we are, what we do, why we do it and why you should contact us to help you with your excess inventory needs.”

Ms Costello Fox concludes by saying: “We are very excited to bring our brand evolution to you. We are confident that we have created an identity for CCL that is as unique as the services we provide.”

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