Fothershield’s new website now available

Fothershield’s new website showcasing a wide range of EMC and thermal management materials is now available to view online.

EMC can be a problem, from board level through to final design. Fothershield is dedicated to work with the design engineer to find a solution to the problem. For board level shielding standard or bespoke shielding cans can shield individual electronic components. Conductive pens are used for repair or to make conductive traces, and conformal coatings protect the board from dust, salt-spray or other environmental contaminants. Thermally conductive gap fillers transfer heat away from sensitive components, also providing vibration control.

Taking up gaps in uneven surfaces such as sheet metal fabrications, in enclosures, and around door frames, conductive gaskets in nickel fabric over foam, knitted wire mesh (solid or over silicone sponge), hollow metal spring, be/cu fingerstock and conductive elastomer gaskets offer the customer a good choice of materials to suit all budgets.

Aluminium honeycomb vents and windows are used for airflow and optical transparency in shielded enclosures, metal foil tapes such as copper and aluminium tape used to seal seams, for cable wrapping, ESD, or can even be used as a slug and snail barrier.

Coating plastic enclosures with nickel, copper-silver or silver paint in acrylic, water-based urethanes or epoxy, will provide EMI protection. Fothershield supply the coating direct to the customer, or offer a coating spraying service coating customers moulded enclosures for them.

3D printing in static dissipative material allows for rapid prototype tooling, jigs or low production runs in areas where the build-up of static is to be avoided such as electronic assembly areas and explosive atmospheres including ATEX handling areas.

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