Force-GT Din Rail Series feature high efficiencies and ultra slim design

Delta has launched their new range of DIN Rail power supplies, the Force-GT Series with single-phase and three-phase models. The Series features wide power range with models covering from 120 W to 960 W, high power efficiency of up to 95 per cent, and an ultra-slim design. Two single-phase 480 W models of the Series have just been certified with 80 PLUS Platinum for 115 V Industrial, outcompeting other DIN rail power supplies.

The Force-GT Series provides 120 W to 960 W power and voltage output from 12 V to 48 V. Featuring power conversion efficiency of up to 95 per cent, they are environmentally friendly and significantly reduce unnecessary energy consumption and therefore extra operating costs.
With a wide range operating temperature -30°C to 70°C, -40°C cold start, up to 60°C full load temperature, and protective coatings that prevent dust and chemical pollutants, the Force-GT Series are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. With the aforementioned advantages, the Force-GT Series is reliable and meets today’s demands for advanced, high-stability machinery such as semiconductor equipment, advanced manufacturing equipment, and industrial robots.

Compared to previous generations, the Force-GT Series offers reduced volume by 30 per cent – 50 per cent, taking up less space in machines/cabinets or allowing for extra units to be used. In addition, its built-in DC OK relay allows for connection to sensors in smart solution applications. The Series is compliant with multiple international safety certifications and meets heavy industry and semiconductor standards to offer highly efficient and stable power supplies to customers worldwide.
• Universal AC input voltage range
• Built-in constant current circuit for charging applications
• Wide operating temperature -30°C to 70°C and cold start at -40°C
• Full load operating temperature up to 60°C
• Single and three phase variants
• Ultra-slim design
• Long life electrolytic capacitor
• Reduced no-load power consumption
• Built-in DC OK relay and LED indicator
• Conformal coating on PCBAs to protect against common dust and pollutants
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