For power applications with high efficiency: High-efficiency ceramic capacitors of the KONNEKT™ series from KEMET at Rutronik

Aiming high: KEMET‘s KONNEKT™ technology is a high-density package technology that enables components to be interconnected without the use of metal frames, thus reducing ESR, ESL and thermal resistance of capacitors.

This uses an innovative Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) material to create a surface mount multi-chip solution. The capacitors are available at

The C0G KONNEKT capacitors, also known as KC-Link with KONNEKT technology, are manufactured using BME technology (BaseMetalElectrodes), have no DC bias and no piezo effect and show only minimal C-value change over temperature (+-30ppm/°C) and are therefore particularly suitable when maximum efficiency is required. They are also available for temperatures up to 150°C and in commercial and automotive versions. They are available in the range 14-880nF and in voltages from 500 to 2000V.





The U2J CONNECT capacitors also use a class I ceramic material, such as NP0 (C0G), with a temperature coefficient N750 (-750+-120ppm/°C), extending the possible C-value range compared to C0G to 940nF and 1.4μF at voltage 50V.

The X7R KONNEKT capacitors are designed for cases where higher capacitance and voltage are required. The latest generation of sizes 1812 and 2220 also feature flex termination for improved mechanical bendability and thermal cycling. As an X7R Class II component, they feature minimal capacitance change (±15%) at an ambient temperature of -55°C to +125°C. Values range from 2.4nF up to 20μF and voltages are possible from 25V to 3000V. There are also commercial and automotive versions.


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