For Heavyweights: Tested to 2000 kg Static and Dynamic Load

Specifications requiring a static load capacity of up to 1500 kg for server cabinets are increasingly in demand. To certify that a cabinet meets these load requirements, for which presently there are no defined standards, a manufacturer’s test report is provided to customers.

Pentair tests the static load of its 2000 mm high, 1200 mm deep and 800 and 600 mm wide Schroff Varistar server cabinets based on exacting, internal specifications. Pentair uses a rigorous test weight of 2000 kg and the load capacity is increased incrementally. Deformation, not to exceed 5 mm, is measured at five points of the cabinet rack and the 19″ plane over a period of 72 hours. After deduction of the standard 25 percent safety tolerance, a static load capacity of 1600 kg is achieved for Schroff Varistar cabinets. It should be noted that not all manufacturers take this 25 percent tolerance into account.

The high load-carrying capacity is achieved with integrated cross beams capable of bearing greater loads. The selection of cross beams followed extensive in-house testing. Competing products from other cabinet manufacturers were tested for comparison. The selected cross beams feature holes spaced 25 mm apart. This enables the user to move the 19″ plane forward or backward in the cabinet, depending on how much room is needed in the front for cabling.

If it is necessary to move a server cabinet once it has been partially or fully loaded, e.g. for transportation or at the installation site, dynamic load also needs to be considered. Dynamic processes can challenge cabinet load capacity in a variety ways. Pentair typically recommends the use of a more rugged, heavy-duty rack and integrates additional stiffening elements. The platform’s extensive palette of off-the-shelf expansion and accessory parts helped in making this upgrade available to customers. These cabinets are also tested by Pentair’s own rigorous design criteria resulting in projects meeting dynamic load capacities of up to 1200 kg.

To aid transportation of the cabinets, Pentair uses vibration-damped pallets.

To assess the potential static and dynamic loads of different server cabinets, users should not rely only on the manufacturer’s weight specifications but should also pay attention to the exact conditions under which testing took place. If these are not stated, the user is advised to inquire about them in order to evaluate the manufacturer’s data objectively. Further information is available at


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