Flash memory for industrial applications

Swissbit, a leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, will be exhibiting at this year’s embedded world, which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, March 14-16, 2017. In hall 1 on booth #1-534, Swissbit will be presenting its extensive portfolio of memory devices and will be emphasizing its consultancy and support expertise. Swissbit will also be providing visitors with detailed information on current flash memory technologies and advising on the appropriate choice for particular applications. The highlights on the booth at embedded world are Swissbit’s latest pSLC technology SD memory cards and SSDs, as well as a 2.5” SATA SSD featuring outstanding power fail protection.

Swissbit has expanded its range of SD memory cards and SSDs featuring pSLC (pseudo single level cell) technology. S-46 and S-46u series SD and Micro SD memory cards are optimized for applications demanding high endurance and performance. Both products combine the market’s latest MLC flash components with a page based firmware translation layer (FTL) and a single bit per cell storage mode. This results in highest random performance and an endurance that exceeds that of industry standard SD memory cards considerably. The Swissbit S-46 SD memory cards with capacity from 2 GB to 64 GB and S-46u Micro SD memory cards from 2 GB up to 16 GB, work in a storage mode where only a single bit is used per MLC cell.

Pseudo Single Level Cell

The pSLC mode can be operated much faster than standard MLC mode and increases the permitted program-erase (PE) cycles of MLC from the specified 3k to 20k. Under equal conditions this increases the endurance by a factor of 6.7 at doubled bit cost. In addition the sub-page based FTL allows the firmware to reduce the write amplification to very low values especially for random writes. Compared to standard industrial SD memory cards the resulting endurance can be up to 600 times greater. The Swissbit everbit™ S-46/S-46u cards comply with UHS-I bus mode, up to speed class 10 and offer a sequential data rate close to 50 MB/s and a blazing random write data rate of up to 1400 IOPS. The new Swissbit products are equipped with the proven read disturb management (RDM) alongside an autonomous, performance-neutral background “auto refresh” process. This type of data care management extends the data reliability especially in read intensive applications. Thanks to the sub-page based management the busy time is kept below the specified limit under all conditions, allowing a high sustained IOPS rate and guaranteeing compatibility with the most widespread industrial and networking SD applications. By using pSLC mode, the protection against data loss during a sudden power fail had even been improved. The supporting Swissbit life time monitor (SLTM) offers highly detailed status information about the cards and provides a valuable prediction of the expected lifetime allowing for scheduled maintenance.

Swissbit’s pSLC SD memory cards, which are a valuable addition to the classic SLC and MLC solutions, enable Swissbit to offer optimized solutions for every application.

Secure Element

Also presented at embedded world are the PS-45/PS-45u SD memory cards with integrated security functions (e.g. authentication, encryption). By providing a secure element, the memory cards with security features enable users to protect their IoT (Internet of Things) and sensitive applications. An SD card with integrated crypto chip fulfils the function of a Trusted Platform Module, but can be replaced if and when necessary. Even legacy systems can easily be assigned a forgery-proof identity in this way.

Power fail protection

To ensure data security in the event of a sudden voltage drop, various levels of protective measures are integrated into flash memory devices. Swissbit’s 2.5” X-60P SSD now achieves an even higher level of power fail protection. This SSD allows back-up of volatile data in performance-enhancing DRAMs – thanks to intelligent circuit and energy storage technology.

In-depth discussions: Swissbit TechTalks

On March 15, Swissbit’s TechTalk sessions will feature in-depth and technology focused presentations and discussions. Advance registration at
www.swissbit-techtalk.com is required for these events.

Ulrich Brandt, Marketing Director at Swissbit AG, stressed the importance of exhibiting at embedded world: “Selecting the right flash memory solutions is a mission-critical decision when it comes to the integration of embedded systems. Availability, operating conditions, the nature and amount of reads and writes, economic considerations, as well as security requirements are all factors that come into play for industrial flash memory devices. As a leading manufacturer of these devices, we offer our customers a broad range of solutions – and thanks to our extensive experience in this domain we are able to support our customers in making right choices for their applications.”

Contact Details:

Swissbit AG
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Industriestrasse 4
9552 Bronschhofen

Tel: +41 71 913 03 39
Email: silke.lueers@swissbit.com


About Swissbit AG

Swissbit is the largest independent manufacturer of embedded memory and flash storage solutions in Europe. The company was founded in 2001 through a management buy-out of Siemens AG, and has offices in Switzerland, Germany, US, Japan and Taiwan. Its main manufacturing plant in Berlin produces industrial strength flash memory products and memory cards with dedicated features for demanding applications. The Swissbit flash range includes SSDs with SATA interface as mSATA, Slim SATA, CFast™, M.2 and 2.5”, CompactFlash, USB flash drives, SD and micro SD memory cards. Swissbit offers products with long-term availability, high reliability and durability and custom optimization for demanding applications in the industrial, automotive and telecommunications sectors. With its secure storage solutions, Swissbit addresses the increasing security requirements demanded by industrial, government, defense, medical, telecommunications, machine-to-machine communication and finance industry segments. All Swissbit products meet the highest quality standards and the RoHS and REACH directives.

For further information, please visit www.swissbit.com

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