Fit for Embedded 4.0

At Embedded World 2015 HEITEC presents its latest packaging and system solutions as well as design services for embedded solutions themed “Fit for Embedded 4.0”. A live demo combines various hard- and software elements of embedded systems, controlled by external sensor technology. Backed by its extensive development expertise HEITEC offers electronic and systems solutions at different integration levels, which – depending on the particular requirements – are based on standard and/or tailor-made specifications. Together with the broad product portfolio of standard packaging components and platforms this results in numerous synergies customers can effectively take advantage of.

In addition to the 84TE VM CompactPCI Serial line including a 9 Slot Ethernet Full Mesh backplane as shown at the SPS, HEITEC introduces two new 42TE 4U platforms which are expandable to a width of 19” to integrate 3U cards. Also, HEITEC presents its new HEIbox ECO, a cost-optimised 19” standard 1U case.

Based on a comprehensive module library and conventional COMs (Computer–on-Module) available in the market, HEITEC designs customer-specific solutions including multi-touch GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) and M2M (machine-to-machine) communication, thus offering its customers cost-efficient and readily available solutions at small and mid-range volumes.

The exhibit illustrates this powerful combination of standard enclosure technology and development expertise in the electronics and software sector: Based on a M2M publish/subscribe protocol, sensor data are transmitted wirelessly from a smart phone to an embedded system for processing and visualisation on a multi-touch screen. The embedded software has been implemented across operating systems, using C++ and the Qt framework. Additionally, the system triggers a Stäubli industry robot via M2M coupling and visualises various states and data of this robot with HTML5 technology. The VM CompactPCI Serial line provides the hardware platform.

As service provider for electronics design and manufacturing with a broad offer of industrial packaging technology, HEITEC offers the complete scope of services from system conception, development, production and service to complete product life cycle management. This includes ready-to-use components of electronics, enclosures and software as well as qualification and approvals for regulated markets. Customers can purchase all services on a modular basis – as individual services as well as complete packages and – in case they do not have their own design or manufacturing capabilities – as ODM products.

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