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Sixty years of partnering with the world’s military and its defense suppliers and contractors has enabled Fischer Connectors to co-create a vast range of interconnection products for all types of defense, aerospace and security applications. Our rugged, sealed circular connectors have been specially designed to meet rigorous requirements for soldier equipment, manned and unmanned vehicles, and secure data transfer. They are manufactured under the most stringent quality conditions and tested to strict IEC standards, comparable to MIL Specs.

“We are totally committed to designing innovative products that meet soldiers’ and support staff’s rapidly changing needs. Equipment that is compact, light and easy to handle, yet robust and reliable, saves time, money and ultimately lives. Feedback from the field helps us constantly improve our products and develop customized, trustworthy solutions for people working in the most demanding and critical situations”, says Wim Vanheertum, Product Manager at Fischer Connectors.

The versatile Fischer Core Series line and cable assembly solutions are well known and relied upon by military forces worldwide. They have a proven track record of high performance in harsh environments, including mountains, deserts, jungles and swamps. These secure push-pull connections can easily be combined with several new lines that reduce the soldier’s fighting load and power requirements, improve the soldier”s protection, effectiveness, and environmental and situational awareness.

The durable Fischer UltiMateTM Series connectors are best for tough applications when weight matters. Rugged, compact and lightweight, they have extremely robust mechanical keying, IP68/IP69 or hermetic sealing, and 360° EMC shielding. They offer exceptional shock, vibration and corrosion resistance, and can operate at temperatures from -55°C to +135°C. They’re highly configurable too. For example, there’s a choice of crimp, solder or PCB contacts, plus bend relief and color overmolding.

The high-density Fischer MiniMax™ Series connectors are ideal for hand-held or body-worn applications when size matters. They’re also suitable for unmanned land- and air-based vehicles, like drones, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) products. Their unique combination of power and signal contacts means you can replace multiple cables with only one. This saves on space and weight, letting you pack more functionality into smaller devices and lowering the total cost of ownership. The 24-pin configuration comes with 4 power and 20 signal contacts, whereas the 19-pin configuration has 4 power and 15 signal contacts as standard (other options available). They are tough too, with IP68 (2m/24h) sealing, both mated and unmated, an unbreakable keying system that withstands over 4 Nm of torque, and over-molded assemblies able to withstand 40 kg of pull (break-away) force. There’s a choice of three latching systems: push-pull, screw lock, and the new quick release – just launched this year to make the Fischer MiniMax™ Series more user-friendly.

The Fischer FiberOptic Series connectors are perfect for large transfer of data over long distances and in harsh environments. They combine high-quality optical performance indoors and outdoors with easy handling and field cleaning. There is a choice of fiber optic solutions (with two or four optical channels), and fiber optic hybrid solutions (with two fiber channels and two electrical contacts). Being pre-cabled, they are application ready. IP67 sealing unmated and IP68 mated provides unmatched device protection. The removable sleeve holder (monobloc mate adapter) enables users to clean end faces easily in the field, and so keep their connections in top condition. The push-pull locking system means equipment can be connected and disconnected quickly and easily – even in the dark and with one hand. Pre-configured reels are also available to facilitate fiber optic deployment and transmission testing in the field.

The dependable Fischer Rugged Flash Drive secures your data on the go. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. The unique Fischer UltiMate™ connector interface secures the access to your data, and the Rugged Flash Drive’s unbreakable housing with IP68 sealing keeps your data safe in all circumstances.

Fischer Connectors’ primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, with subsidiaries and distributors located worldwide. Our worldwide cable assembly network, located in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, ensures short lead times and high quality standards, helping you design and implement the cable assembly solution that best meets your specific needs.

We will be exhibiting at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI) in London from 15-18 September 2015 (Stand S4-120). There you will have the chance to handle our new connectors, try out some demos, plus meet our international team of experts. Come and share ideas with us on creative ways to overcome your defense or security challenges. We look forward to seeing you there!

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