First PIC32 MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals

Overcoming cost, power and size limitations with PIC32MM MCUs

As the first PIC32 microcontrollers to offer Core Independent Peripherals, the PIC32MM family delivers cost-effective, low-power embedded control for IoT, consumer, industrial and sensorless BLDC applications.

The Core Independent Peripherals, such as configurable logic cells (CLC) and multiple-output capture compare PWMs (MCCPs), off-load tasks from the CPU to deliver lower power consumption and lower design complexity. Further power savings, from low-power sleep modes, are combined with small, 4x4mm package options to support longer battery life even in space-constrained applications.

Development Tools: 
Microchip’s free or low-cost design tools support fast evaluation and development, including code generation with the MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC):

  • PIC32MM processor plug-in module (MA320020) for Explorer 16
  • Explorer 16 development board (DM240001)
  • MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) plug-in to the MPLAB® X
  • XC32 compiler

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